The Lady of the Lake

This is an erotic novel intended for adult audiences.

What should you expect from this book? Sex, smut and lots of it. I hope you enjoy it!

The small remote village of Caidhreamh Collai is home to some of the most amazing and awe-inspiring views nature can offer. Nestled between two mountains, the village is home to an amazing beach courtesy of Lake Caidhreamh collaí. The villagers are, however, unaware of the lady who resides in said lake. Once a century, she comes to the surface and her presence opens a sexual awakening in the town. Why is she there? And what does her presence mean for the town?

Sneak Peak:

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A police cruiser was parked near the beach with the lights on, but no one was in the car. It was Officer Johnson’s car, and he worked the same shift as Robert. The squad knew that Robert took his breaks at the lake, and they were hoping he could tell them something about their missing officer. The detective, who was a higher rank than Robert, had left early that day, but hours later they found his cruiser left at the lake.

Robert came a few hours later to check the scene, but there was nothing he could do. He remembered the woman in the lake and wondered if Johnson had met her. Johnson was not married, in fact Robert didn’t even know if he had a girlfriend or boyfriend.

After closer examination, the police found the discarded uniform of Officer Johnson by the lakebed. “What do you think of this, Robert?” One of them asked him.

Robert looked to the water thinking about the woman he saw there, “Would he have taken a swim?”

Earlier that day, Officer Johnson was driving home when he heard a voice in his head. Come into my waters.

“I must be more tired than I thought,” he said, thinking he needed to get a cup of coffee so he could make it home. “I hate working nights,” he sighed after he got his coffee.

Come to the lake and swim in my waters.”

This time he heard her voice as clear as if she was sitting right next to him. The voice was so alluring that his eyes seemed to fog over as if he were being controlled. Normally he would turn right on Chestnut Ave and head home but instead he turned left toward the lake and found himself parking at the same location Officer Westerman was earlier that morning. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, the light shone on the water in front of him.

A woman was swimming in the water and then he heard her voice again. “Come in my waters. I need you,” she was pleading with him. She needed him.

Officer Eros Johnson found himself taking off his clothes and running to the water. He dove in and swam out to the woman who was waiting for him now. She remembered what the other man had told her about his wife, and she did not want that. She wanted someone for herself, someone who could be hers and only hers.

She swam around him, her hands gently touching his chest, “Are you attached to anyone?”

“Attached?” He was not sure what her question meant.

“Do you have a lover? I would hate to tear you from a lover,” she smiled innocently.

“I don’t have anyone. Never had anyone,” he spoke as if he could tell this woman everything about himself.

“Oh, we can have fun,” the woman said as she slid her hand up his chest. “Kiss me,” she purred, her eyes longing for him.

This was his chance to finally kiss a woman. She wanted him.

As he kissed her, a faint blue appeared on his lips and then it faded. “What’s your name?” he asked her.

She smiled, “Caidreamh. You may call me Caide.”

Her voice was smoothing to his ears and his heart. He would do anything to please her.

“You will be my eyes and ears in the town. Spread my message of love to everyone.”

“I can’t. I am not good with women. I don’t know why you want me,” he cried.

“I will change all of that for you. Do not worry. You do not have to be with anyone but me. I will be yours and you will be mine,” she put her hand on his waist. “Come on, let’s have fun,” she pulled him under the water as she kissed him, wrapping her legs around him.

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